Day of Photos Andy San Dimas-Set 1

December 19, 2011

So I am taking a break from my Miami trip blog to bring you Andy San Dimas (twitter/instagram: @andysandimas). By now she is a very well known name in the world of adult actresses. I remember meeting here just prior to her entry into the adult world through Eon McKai at a AVN convention in vegas. I remember it was her and her g/f hanging out contemplating getting into the game. Some time pass and hadn’t heard from them, then Andy decided to come in on her own and looks like it’s been going pretty well for her. She is definitely one of the girls I have always felt a cool friendship with on sets and when seeing each other out at events. So since I have been having fun with this photography thing I hit her up to shoot for a day and I am glad we did, her look is unique and we got some great stuff. It was interesting to see her shake off the “porno” photography poses she is so use to doing with the run of the mill guys up in the valley. You can definitely see her skills in the pics to come. So here you go Andy San Dimas set 1….

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