Looking Like Summer

April 6, 2012

So last month I had a very exciting opportunity. I had been asked to shoot their 2012 Summer look book as well as two ads for one of my favorite brands that I have been wearing for a little over 10 years now… LRG. I had seen this brand grow to what is now with my own eyes so I was hyped on many different levels to do this project. But it is funny how things just fall into place, I had got a call from my friend Tyrone who is their Skateboard team manager and who is probably the first person I had met at LRG 10 years ago. He mentioned that they were going to be doing their look book and asked if I would be able to find any models for it, of course anything for the homie. He had mentioned that Albie and Millhouse would be contacting me to see what is up. So I get a call from Albie and we start talking about what they might need, and he casually asked “would you want to shoot it?”. That was a no brainer I think I answered yes before he had even finished, I mean after he explained that The Cool Kids and the Workaholics were going to be involved in the shoot I would have just wanted to hang out there if I wasn’t going to shoot it. So we all got together and linked up, had a great lunch and went location scouting, not too found of the first couple initial places I had contacted this estate I know of in Encino. As soon as Milhouse saw it I knew it was the spot. Needless to say on shoot day we had a great time and I think turned out some great photos that are a little out of the norm for LRG. Here are some of my favorite photos from the look book, if you want to see the rest of them go here.

Let it begin

Hands Full

I see you Kyle

Guess who

Chuck Inglish and Blazer

The Cool Kids popping off

Jayden,Adam,Jayden and Charmane getting comfortable

Party time

Belly flop


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