Day of Photos Bliss Evans-set 1

April 8, 2012

One thing I love about photography is working with new people who I have never shot with before, wether it be a skateboarder or a model its all fun. I think it is the fact that you don’t know that person so there is a element of figuring out their style. Figuring out how to photograph them, something really cool about the process that I love. My buddy Corey had mentioned he had a friend by the name of Bliss Evans that does some modeling. He thought it would be a good idea if we linked up and shot, so he reached out to her for me and got us in contact with one another. After exchanging some messages and chatting about life with her we finally were able to set up a day to shoot, along with being inspired by new subjects new locations can do just the same. So I contacted Mr. DBC himself Keith Hufnagel about shooting at his loft in downtown L.A. Being a fan of daylight I figured it would be a good place to work, we spent the day shooting photos and got a few sets. I really liked working with Bliss, she has a kind of unique look that made for some cool imagery. So enjoy day of photos with Bliss

Make-Up by: Anne Freeman

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