April 23, 2012

Well this past friday has come and gone and if you are relevant with weed smoking culture then you know what that means…. 4/20! Apparently in the street wear world 4/20 is a great day to launch any type of clothing campaign baring weed. HUF is a brand that is no stranger to this,having built up a campaign the past few years it is expected from them. This year I had the honor of Keith Hufnagel himself reaching out to me about doing a collaborative project. After discussing it I knew Kristina Rose was the perfect girl for this, not only does she love weed but she lives a lifestyle that fits perfect with the brand. So back in Feb. we had headed to the studio to shoot a photo which was to be the face of their campaign so to say. I was very happy with how it all turned out as was Kristina, they even had made a bong with Skate Mental and Roor with a cool little viral video featuring Kristina days before 4.20 to promote it. With all this I just want to say thank you to Keith and the HUF crew for asking me to be apart of this and to get some of this cool product you can visit my store

I see you too Kristina


Keith’s loft is great for photos



The essence

Plant Life

Everyone helped out

Blow me

Easy day

The promo video

One of the best photos I have ever taken

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