A Day in the Projects

May 29, 2012

Memorial day weekend has come and gone. I hope everyone had a good time, I know it was definitely one of the better weekends I had experienced in awhile. Funny how when we are younger we are in such a hurry to grow up but when we do, we wish we were younger again. Once in awhile we can have a moment or experience that can transport us back to that feeling of summer approaching, school ending and knowing nothing but adventures lie ahead. Well on saturday I definitely got that feeling, and it was in the form of a bbq/skate session at the Brooklyn Projects ramp. I had called my friend Scotty in the morning and we were figuring out what to do, rather then lay around and be piles we decided a fun session on the mini over at BP would make for a good day. We headed over to the infamous Melrose area where the shop is located and I knew it was gonna be a great day when I found a open meter right around the corner. Most people in L.A. know finding parking on Melrose on a saturday can be a bitch. Once inside we say a array of friendly and familiar faces and a lot of good skateboarders. There was one skater in particular that I was excited to see skate and his name is Tony Karr. I had briefly met Tony back at the Paid Dues show through my buddy Stevie Perez. To be honest I had never heard of Tony until that point but hearing Stevie speak so highly of him I was curious to see him skate, especially since he has been compared to a young Mark Gonzales in the sense of his skating style. The first moments of seeing him take the ramp I was amazed, just seeing him skate so fluidly and seeming to do whatever trick came to mind was rad. I pulled out my camera and started to snap flicks not only of Tony but of the session going down. It felt like a fun,organic session that you were just apart of. These guys skating were just having fun, no filming agenda,not trying to impress anyone just having a good time. I felt like this was something I would have read about or seen pictures of in Thrasher back in 1992 when I first started skating. It was a high for me running around the ramp trying to capture all that was going on. I did all this with a fish-eye for my own selfish reasons… I am sure a lot of people despise the fish eye lens but for me I like shooting skating with it. It reminds me of some of the earlier photos I would see in the mags in the 90′s, it brings me back to the feelings I would get looking into these magazines and seeing the energy captured in this wide angle. Showcasing the whole enviorment of what was going on and not just the skater would get me hyped to recreate that with my friends. Well I was honored to witness such good skateboarding by some cool talented people. I just want to say thank you to Tony for letting me capture your raw talent….. shit was rad.

Party Time

Tony knows how to relax

Let it begin

The Trillz on the grind

Layback Ricky-Bobby style


Tony is getting pumped

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