Let there be Youth

June 3, 2012

On 6.1.12 there was a photo gallery being held at Suede Studios featuring pictures from 3 people I have had the pleasure of meeting over the past year or so. They are Natalia Mantini,Sagan Lockhart and Josh Terris.All have been doing some very unique/interesting photography for sometime. Each having their own outlet to showcase their photos wether it be a blog or a zine,but that night was a great collective venture by the 3 to present a show simply titled “YOUTH”. And as you might expect the pictures are of the youth they have come across or interacted with a long their lives, it was really a simple yet in depth concept that can give a glimpse into the young world of today to anyone oblivious and not within the age range to see this type of stuff first hand. The gallery will be up for a month,I suggest you make time to go see it. (all gallery photos below are courtesy of Brian Jones from Rad Collector)

Oh yea I went with my good friend Kristina Rose who decided to wear this awesome shirt that when you took a picture with a flash you could see her boobs. So I thought it would be a fun way to surprise my friends by having her take countless pics with them, some were observant and some weren’t,none the less made for a fun night of pictures.

The shirt

The Trillz

Sagan Lockhart

Josh Terris

Natalia Mantini

Jordy Clot

Ugly Lui

Young Corey

Andy Lemon




Sean and Tony

This guy

Kevin aka BOOSH


Rape Face

Rip ‘n’ Dip


I took a couple group photos….

.. and snapped this in the process

As we were leaving for our next location ran into this guy

Yoon and Kristina thought to keep him company

Popping squats

Continued the photo session at tony’s starting off with Matt


No clue



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