Night of Photos Evelyn Cates: Set 1

June 18, 2012

So while I was on my stay in Miami I happened to notice that a girl I had met months prior and had been wanting to shoot was in town as well. Her name is Evelyn Cates, she is a web cam model who I thought had a exotic look and a amazing amount of ink. Thank god for social networking as I was able to get a hold of her via twitter prior to bumping into one another at a hotel on south beach. We exchanged numbers and agreed that we should shoot while in town, we just didn’t have a set day yet. Lucky for me she hit me up mentioning she was free one evening to shoot, I told her I was definitely down despite being at a convention all day. I think it would have been foolish of me to pass up a opportunity to shoot with her. So on one very rainy night she cruised over to the hotel and get to do get a few sets out. The first set we shot what she showed up wearing to the hotel, I liked how simple and natural her outfit was and especially how the shorts popped in the pictures. After getting warmed up with this set I knew we were going to get some cool stuff. Enjoy!


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