Night of Photos Chloe-Set 1

July 10, 2012

It’s been a fortunate and busy past couple of weeks photo wise. After the 4th I got an opportunity to shoot with someone I have been following on instagram for a bit and her name is Chloe (instagram: @sleepychloe). She caught my attention by posting a lot of self portrait shots via cellphone camera and a mirror as well as some interesting landscape shots when she was living in Missouri and as simple as this answer is going to be I liked her look. Then I started following her on other social media outlets like tumblr and twitter and noticed she was witty in her own 18 year old way. After reaching out to each other via e-mail she mentioned she was going to be in L.A. for a bit, I proposed to her that if she has time we should shoot and lucky for me she did have time but it was at night. Fuck it I will take it, so I drove down to Hermosa Beach to pick up Chloe and drove back to the valley (I drive a prius so it’s not THAT bad) to do some shots.This first set was more of a warm up/simple set just to vibe each other out and have some fun take a look….

t-shirt by: Diamond Supply Co.

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