Capri Anderson x SCS x CCS

July 17, 2012

Last week I was approached by Cullen Poythress, a producer for many different media outlets one of which being CCS. He asked if I would be interested in shooting some video and photos for a project between infamous Santa Cruz Skateboards x CCS for a new line of cruiser boards that SCS was putting out. I of course said yes aside from having a opportunity to work with Cullen, it was a chance to do some work with in the realms of skateboarding. There was 2 boards we were to shoot with one of which was definitely implied to have a girl skate it, I thought of who I know that can push around on a cruiser and I remember Capri is pretty skilled at that so I called her up to see if she was interested and she all about it. We linked up on Melrose to shoot some fun footage that turned out great, definitely made that weekend pretty good.

For more info check out CCS

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