Nike S&M

July 24, 2012

So last week my buddy Scuba Steve who happens to be the TM for the Nike SB program informs me that Nike is having a little get together at their new skateboarding compound in down town Los Angeles simple Named Sixth & Mill (the cross streets on which it resides). I mentioned to him of course I am down, so I figured I would hit up my other good buddy Jayden Jaymes to see if she would be interested in going with me to check it out. It is always fun for people to go to a event that has nothing to do with the industry they normally work in, gives you a chance to meet some new people and to see some new things. Lucky for me she was game so we cruised down to check it out and were definitely impressed by the whole set up. They had open bar and Killer Mike did a awesome set, it was definitely a great house warming event so to say and I look forward to getting a chance to skate it. Thanks again Scuba I had a fun time.

The Swoosh

P-Rod commencing a speech

Rape Face getting it in with the ladies. Oh and Hi Kevin

Jayden and Nigel

Jayden and Yoon

Guess who’s having more fun Jordy or Jayden?

Nick Tucker and his hair

Bliss Evans was there

Killer Mike with Jayden after his set

Group shot right Sam?

Just a couple of photos

Anatomy of a Nike skate shoe

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