Meet Jacob

July 25, 2012

If you grew up skating in the early to mid 90′s then you know who Jacob Rosenberg is, if you don’t but watched the Plan B videos then you are probably saying that name looks familiar. That is because Jacob is responsible for most of the filming of such classic videos as The Questionable Video,Virtual Reality and Second Hand Smoke to name a few. These videos for me at least did a lot more then just entertain me with skateboarding tricks that I would wish to one day achieve the ability to do, they also introduced me to music from these productions that would serve as a soundtrack to my life, with the ability to transport me back to that area.To be more exact the parts from these these videos also showcased how to dress cool on and off a skateboard. Since being that Plan B in that era was the cream of the crop as far as skateboarding was concerned and myself being exposed to questionable in 1992 when I was 12 I couldn’t help but follow suit. They were in a sense the first “Super Team” put together by creator Mike Ternansky and boy was just everything about them and the brand cool.

Now I would have never imagined that I would befriend Jacob but this is one of those stories where social media does it’s job. For awhile now instagram has been a strong platform for the skateboard community new and old. I actually want to think skateboarders played a huge role in making instagram as cool as it is (but if anyone has been skating for a long time now you see that is usually the case with anything skaters touch). Through a mutual friend of ours Jake started following me and I immediately started following him back to see his postings of his travels,his projects,but mostly his vast collection of old skate photos from a era I hold dear to my heart.

We got in touch via e-mail and he offered me a chance to come down to his office to check things out and after figuring out schedules I got to make it down to Culver City. He gave me a tour of his inspiring office space and we then went to go through old chromes and just talk skateboarding and life. I snapped a couple of shots while I was there so check them out.

Inspiring work space


Original art

A few of Jacibs favorite things

Original Virtual Reality invite

One of his favorite photos of Guy Mariano

Jacob also did a lot of work with Hieroglyphics…. Del

Scanned photos

With a click of a button… Guy,Rudy and Gabriel

Collectors item…

….with some legit autographs

Thank you again Jacob

Bandito Brothers

Plan B Questionable Video Intro

Jacob also did this amazing project with Danny Way : Waiting for Lightning


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