Day of Photos Hannah-Set 1

July 29, 2012

This is Hannah, we met about 2 years ago at a studio we both use to work at in Culver City. I think what got us talking was similar outlooks on life, work and photography. She was one of those co-workers who was genuine and with whom we would just talk about all types of things, especially in a building where not a lot of people shared that outlook.

She re-located to L.A. from Texas to pursue a career in production,modeling and acting. We would share our shoots that we were doing outside of work with each and just feed positive energy back and forth. Which was fun, sometimes I feel there are people who enjoy photography and people who love it. As if they can look beyond the paper or screen that the photo is on and see into it…. she was someone who loved it.

So she was feeling the itch of life and felt she wanted to go on a adventure, she choose to head down to Morocco to do some humane services there,thus making her that much more of awesome person.Her and I were both in agreement that before she go off on this new path that we should shoot. One day we linked up at her place in a part of L.A. known as Silver lake to shoot a few sets. I think she has a natural girl next door look that I like, unique in her own way with a nice smile to boot. She has been gone for a couple of months now so I hope she gets to see these sets as they come out.  At least you guys will, have a awesome sunday!


T-Shirt by: Rip’n'Dip

Socks by: The Hundreds

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