Catherine Genevieve Approves

August 3, 2012

So I have been pretty busy as of late, working on various projects but this one being for CCS. Given the opportunity to do a “girlfriend approved” campaign aiming to show how ones girlfriend can like her male counter parts clothing as much as him. Showcasing some good hooides from some good brands in this episode we feature LRG who have been making great clothing for a long time now.

When given this opportunity I figured Catherine who I had just shot photos with last month would be great for this.Considering a lot of people liked her photos so much, I would think they wouldn’t mind seeing her walk and talk. As cool as pictures can be I think it makes people wonder what some of these girls are like in person.So, along with my producer Cullen we linked up and shot some fun viral bits with her. This is the first one so keep your eye peeled for more to come. #girlfriendapproved

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