Snap Shot Alex Tovar-Set 1

August 7, 2012

A couple months back my attention was caught by a 18 year old girl from L.A. by the name of Alex Tovar via instagram. She had been following my work and had expressed a interest in shooting with me. I checked out her profile and liked the look that I saw and so we set up a day to test shoot.

Upon meeting her she had a very cool and collect demeanor about her, expressing her interest in modeling while aslo letting me know she had just got a job at Radio Shack. That for some reason always fascinated me that pretty girls working what most people would consider “regular” type of jobs, but it made me respect her more.

We picked out a couple of outfits to test in and although she expressed she hadn’t done a ton of modeling before it was still fun. I think it took her a bit to break out of her shy shell but was very interesting to me, I like working with different people due to the fact everyone has to be approached differently to get the energy you are looking for out them.

So here you go… meet Alex

T-Shirt by: JSLV


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