Night of Photos Skin Diamond-Set 1 part 1

August 13, 2012

I am really excited to finally start posting these upcoming sets with Skin Diamond. The last time we had shot was back around feb in her apartment in West Hollywood and we both had a great time creating some cool images. Well unfortunately for her, the complex she was living was sold to a condo company and was set for demolition/remodeling thus forcing Skin to have to relocate from her quaint and unique 1930′s style home.

Lucky for me she still had the keys to her place till the end of July even though they jumped the gun on tearing it apart before they were suppose to. With all this going on she suggested that we shoot in there with this unique setting of debris all over. Of course I swiftly told her yes, another opportunity to shoot with her especially i such a unique setting you best believe I was ALL about it. So on the last night of her having said keys in possession we agreed we need to handle this.

We met up at her new place which wasn’t too far away from her old place picked out some outfits and were on our way. When arriving it had been demolished even more then she last saw, but all in all we made it to our benefit. Had a amazing night getting some great imagery, to me it felt more like a fun high end fashion shoot that still had a raw element to it. So expect to see these sets for the following week, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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