Nike x Cons x CCS

August 19, 2012

So recently I have been doing some work with One fun project was to go down to Huntington Beach during the U.S. Open and to cover their demo that they had going on with some of the CCS team along with Nike SB and Cons. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to shoot all the beautiful subjects I have a chance to but at the end of the day I still love skating. I feel it is a big part of who I am today and more importantly where I am today.

With that being said there was definitely going to be some fun talent to shoot photos of down there so made the drive down with my buddy Cullen got all our credentials squared away (which at a event like that can be a cluster fuck). Headed over to the course which of course was top notch with Nike behind it. Despite the heat, the skating commenced and everyone had a good time with people pulling out some amazing tricks. Definitely had fun getting to work this event, below are some shots I got to snap.

T-Puds blasting a kickflip

Brazilian transplant Carlos Ribeiro with the switch b/s nose blunt

Sean Malto nollied into this b/s nosegrind

Eli Reed with the f/s nosegrind

T-Puds with the b/s smith up and down

Omar backside lip slide

P-Rod switch tre flip

Eric Koston was having fun

T-Puds with the nollie heel flip over the rail

Paul killed it with this switch frontside bluntslide

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