Day of Photos Remy LaCroix-Set 4

September 12, 2012

For what was to be our last set of the day we decided to take it outside despite the unbearable summer heat that was going on. Now where Remy was staying was at the northern end of the san fernando valley which mean it had some mountain like terrain, we picked out a outfit that would work for such a setting and she threw on her boots and away we went. It seemed pretty lucky for us that there was a hiking trail across the street  so we just hit the path and just shot everything and anything that came our way.

I never really shoot enough outdoor stuff with models and this reminds me that I really need to start doing that more often. Something about the lighting you can get is just amazing to me, and this was definitely one of the most fun exterior settings I have been able to do so thank you for that Remy.

T-shirt and Hat by : Markisa Co.


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