Day of Photos Bridget Blonde-Set 1

September 17, 2012

Living in L.A. with a multimillion population and a area that is greater then most cities you meet a lot of people despite the intimidating factor of how big this place really is. It seems smaller and smaller the older you get and the personalities you encounter from all over. Through the people I have come to be friends with you make more friends, and that has happened with Bridget Blonde. I knew of her initially for a ad she did for The Hundreds promoting their sunglasses about a year or 2 ago and since then had been hearing her name more and seen her out at social events.

The more I get to know her the cooler she is, Bridget is the type of girl every guy should have as a friend. Can hang with the boys wether it be skating or partying or just bull shitting. You definitely don’t have to be filtered around her since she might be worse then you with the toilet humor. But at the same time as you will see from the pics below oozing a sexuality and confidence that is rare. Aside from all of the above she also does her own brand The Blonde Locks inspired by her tom-boy personality and carrying with it the idea of a brand that is uni-sex as to not exclude one or the other. She explained she has always liked wearing boys clothes so why not do it her own way. The brand keeps growing every day since she is on it with her social media and branding, you have to respect a woman going out on her own and doing what she wants her way.

Since we got to know each other we figured we might as well shoot, me being a fan of her modeling and her liking my photography it made sense. We shot at her place in Hollywood which I liked a lot. Classic structure with some good windows for the lighting I love. I like shooting at a models place due to the fact I think it lets you into their world of who they are, and capturing that in a photo is great.One thing I must say about my photo shoot with Bridget is this, and it is kind of a message to girls who want to do modeling to get good photos is this, you get back what you put in. Bridget gave it all this day in each of the sets I will be posting and we got a ton of amazing shots, it was very hard to pick a limited amount per set. So if you want to model go for it, put yourself out there for the lens to capture and I think you will be very pleased with the results, I hope Bridget is….

Hat by : Supreme,Bikini Top by : Blonde Locks,Sneakers by: HUF

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