Day of Photos Bridget Blonde-Set 4

September 22, 2012

Well we have arrived at the last set from this day of shooting with Bridget. Now during August in L.A. it can be a mother fucker heat wise, and despite the cool architecture of her place it had no central a/c which meant we were sweaty as hell at this point. So she had this grand idea of shooting outside as she ran the hose on herself to cool down, I definitely could see her vision and was with it. Throwing on some jean shorts, a bikini with a white t-shirt over it and bingo we were good to go with this outfit.

I had posted some instagram photos when we shot this and had a good response to it, so I am thinking this set will probably do pretty well. But all in all I want to say thank you Bridget for taking time out to shoot with me, I think we created some great images and we need to link up again.

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