Fantasy Factory x Gucci Mane

October 4, 2012

Been lagging on updating some life style sort of stuff here on my blog, while taking photos of cool people and sharing them with you awesome,but sometimes going out to events with my friends and sharing pictures of everyone having a good time with you is even more awesome. So this is a little late, but a couple of weekends ago the good people at the Fantasy Factory held a event with Pac Sun and had Gucci Mane come perform. Not sure of the exact reason for this but everyone had a good time,heard some good music and had some good drinks and in the end that is all that matters right? Do we really need a reason to have a good time and hear some Gucci?

Good drink sponsor

The party has arrived

T-Puds and Shay Maria

Jordy Clot and Natey Clot

Hi Jessica

It got a little packed


Party time


Chris Brown showed up


They were fun

Nick Diamonds and the Trillz. Good People

Hayden got tagged

Ryan and Sean….. not sure what they are up to but looks devious

Onto the next right Hayden? Right Nate?

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