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October 13, 2012

A little late on writing about this but this past week was a busy one and figured I might as well get it up before it is too late. Incase you don’t follow me on one of the many social networking sites I use then let me bring you up to speed by letting you know I had a photo exhibit in Philadelphia last weekend over at Exit skate shop. Now I am not from Philly, I don’t really have friends or ties in Philly, so the way all of this came about was just a testament of modern day times.
Months back when I had my original instagram account I had gotten a e-mail from Steve Miller who is the owner of Exit inquiring if I would be interested in possibly doing a photo exhibit at their store,since aside from supporting the skateboard community Exit also supports the arts of all types,especially given that the first friday of every month in their neighborhood is a large community art walk. He mentioned that what I was doing sparked his interest since having a heavy background in skateboarding myself it seemed to make a lot of sens to him.

Now I had only done one previous exhibit before which was almost a year ago in Miami during Art Basel. So I thought about this offer and I felt it made sense too, coming from skateboarding what better fusion then to showcase my work at a place that not only had ample space to present my photos but also supports the same culture that definitely help make me who I am and got me to where I am at today. We had figured that October 5th would be the date  of the show and started planning as the months went by.

The theme came to me since most people I meet in person who follow me on say instagram all tell me “I have the life” or that they want be me when they grow up. This made me think that I do live a fun life but I am also just fortunate enough to have some sort of camera around to capture a lot of these moments. So titling the show “P.O.V.” seemed like a no brainer since all these photos were done from my perspective and as well as my working in the adult industry where that phrase is a commonly used.

I am still getting use to some of the attention I receive for projects or events I have done, and am learning to embrace it and take photos to capture these times. Regardless of self promotion I think they will just be cool to look at when I am a old man remembering back on all that I accomplished. So here are a few shots I snapped of my 2nd photo exhibit-P.O.V. I also wanted to say thank you to Steve for the opportunity to showcase my work at your establishment and also to everyone who helped out and to all of you who showed up and gave support. It all means the world to me…. thank you.

Steve Miller owner of Exit 

Self portrait in their window

The flyer

Getting some assistance for the set up

I had printed up some 5 x 5 photos from my old instagram account



It was awesome to fly across the countries and meet people who support what you are doing

Photo of Steve taking a photo of me in front of my photos…… redundant

A little crowded inside so people kept it real outside

Sometimes you gotta be on the outside looking in to appreciate things

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