Snap Shot Jay Doom-Set 1

October 16, 2012

Recently I felt like just doing something random and fun for a shoot. It’s cool and all to create expected visually pretty imagery but sometimes I like to just have a random session that just happens to make for good photos. This time it came in the form of my friend Jay. We had been toying around with the idea of shooting but she wanted it to be different as did I. Just so happened I was sitting on a paper DOOM mask I had been wanting to shoot a girl in, but I knew it had to be a special kind of girl. Jay fit all the requirements…. actually listened to Doom, was down to create some different imagery, had a fun personality and smoked weed. So we figured a night to link up and have some fun and we did. We rigged the mask up rolled some blunts and just smoked and shot. Felt like the kind of session you would have had with your friends in high school. Just letting loose being fun and silly and in the process making some photos that represent that. So here you go JAY DOOM set 1..

Button Up by: The Hundreds

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