Summer Time in the SFV

October 19, 2012

Well summer has come and gone, except if you live in L.A. it currently still feels like July. I always reflect on this season of the year just due to all the amazing memories and times I had as a teenager, before growing up and having do all the non fun things grown ups have to do. Well some are fun but nothing can compare to the days of not having to do shit except search out the next fun moment, things were a lot simpler back then and that old saying is true you don’t know what you got till it is gone.

But funny thing is despite my age which I only really pay attention to when someone asks me how old I am I still feel young at heart. I think a big portion of this is surrounding myself with youth. Youthful thinkers and doers to help you pay attention to whats going on in the world from a different perspective. And still to this day I think the skateboard youth culture is one of the best groups out there, having been there myself I feel a ability to relate. So one day during this summer I made a trip over to the Paul Rodriguez skate plaza in Pacoima,CA . This is probably my most frequented plaza mostly due to the lay out of the course and it’s location. I was mainly going to test out my Fuji X100 by shooting some skateboarding, but lucky for me a familiar group of skaters I had shot before was there, so I took the time to shoot some portraits as well of this eclectic and vibrant bunch. You can see them just enjoying the summer, enjoying life, enjoying the freedom,and enjoying the friendships. And sometimes we need to see images like this to remind us about the grand scheme of life…… be happy.

Ernesto 360 flipping some stairs


What a Pussy

Summer Lovin

Stacking clips

Picture this


Ernesto puts in work

What up Baby Cholo

Group shot

Good day

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