Day of Photos Iman-Set 1

November 7, 2012

Meet Iman, she is from San Diego area and one day decided to venture up to L.A. to link up with me and do a photo shoot. We had the fortune of crossing paths via instagram after she had e-mailed me mentioning she liked my photos and wondered if I was interested in possibly shooting with her. Taking a look through her profile I noticed she had a pretty unique look and that usually sparks my interests enough more times to shoot with someone. I felt she has a model type of look to her, in that sense I mean she is tall and has good bone structure in her face, despite mentioning she had not had too much experience doing photos. But I actually think that can be a good thing for both of us. It can almost be more challenging to get photos of someone who doesn’t just jump into poses they do for every other photographer and pushes you to use your eye more to get what you want. So we shot away and wound up with 3 sets starting with this one on my couch with some nice back lighting in a casual outfit. Figured it was a simple enough setting to feel each others vibe out and to figure out how to shoot with her. So here is set 1 with Iman

T-Shirt by: LRG 

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