Day of Photos Erine Camille-Set 1

November 22, 2012

The internet has proven to be fascinating place the more and more I use it. Not just for the endless amount of information one can consume but for the networking/socializing that can be done. With such applications as instagram linking up with people for photos isn’t as hard as it was say 20 years ago. The problem now a days is more or less process of elimination or finding people to shoot with that won’t flake. But lucky for me I got to shoot with Erine Camille and she didn’t flake. I had photographed a friend of hers over the summer and I guess my pictures had caught her interest or in the world of instagram a “like”. I checked out her profile and thought she had a bit of a exotic look and thought it would be fun to link up and shoot. After a brief meeting and figuring out our mutual availability over time we finally got to connect and shoot a few sets. She was fun to work with,provoking a bit of a mysterious look in some of her photos and having a fun body to capture. We started out on this stair way to get things going, usually the first set is the warm up set with me and a model I have never shot before. Kind of a feeling each other out point where I try to pick up on her vibe and she tries to pick up on my technique. I find that with in this initial set there is a clicking point where it all comes together and sets the tone for the rest of the sets. Wonder if you guys can tell which photo that happened with.

T-shirt and Hat by: LRG 

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