Day of Photos Asa Akira-Set 1

December 14, 2012

Been waiting to get to these photos for a little over a month now. I always love shooting with Asa,aside from being great friends we also have a amazing chemistry when it comes to shooting photos. I just let her do her thing and I do mine and we get what we get which usually seems to get great feedback. Now usually when I do these posts I try to go in sequence of the sets we shot, but I am going out of order this time being that we did a few different looks and I really wanted to put this set up first. I don’t think you ever really see too many photos of Asa in sneakers let a lone some jordans, this was a fun set being how she cut up her shirt a long with the kicks I feel this is a rare photo set for Ms. Akira. But you can definitely expect more pics of Asa for the next few days. Oh yea and to all you sneaker heads out there…. you are welcome.

T-shirt by: Hall of Fame

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