Day of Photos Asa Akira-Set 4

December 22, 2012

Well as it worked out with posting these sets we are back to the same setting as the first set. For this last one, which actually was the final set of pics we took this day we decided to go very minimal. In this case Asa with some heels on and thats it. I always tell people nudity to me in photos only makes sense if it makes the picture stronger. I think here you can see it shows her confidence to be able to be so relaxed in some shots and so empowering in a couple of others. I rarely do sets like this nor do I attempt to do sets like this since it requires the right personality for it. Asa definitely has it which is why I always love shooting with her. Thank you Asa again for linking up with me to take some fun photos. Lets do it again next year!








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