Day of Photos Paloma-Set 1

December 24, 2012

Well with the year end coming upon us I figure I would get this set up before it was too late. So back in september I had the pleasure of shooting with a kind hearted beauty by the name of Paloma. We had linked up via instagram, I noticed she liked some of my photos and when looking at her profile I thought she would be fun to shoot, this was back in june I think. It took a little time for her to decide if she wanted to do it and lucky for me she agreed to shoot but set the date to september. I usually can be impatient with a lot of things in life but I found it in myself to say yes. Before you knew it the day was upon us and we headed out to a house in the hollywood hills for a fun day of pictures. She definitely came prepared with a good attitude and plenty of wardrobe.

For this first set up we wanted to do something fun and casual so we figured a baseball t-shirt and some thigh high socks would make for a comfy look. It was a fun warm up set getting the feel for my shooting style and her modeling style but within minutes we clicked and understood each other. I knew she was nervous but after showing her some of the shots she was feeling a lot more comfortable. So here you go, my first set of pics with Paloma and definitely expect a few more over this final week of 2012











T-Shirt by: Diamond Supply Co.

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