Van Styles is a 31 year old visual artist with a focus on photography, directing and editing. Born in New York but having grown up in L.A., Van naturally found a passion for skateboarding as a teenager. He credits his dedication to Skateboarding with changing his life. It showed him how to look at things differently and always try a different approach rather then taking the easy road. Having learned the road less traveled reaped growth, It sparked this idea of always taking a unique look at ways he could refine and improve on what those who came before him had already accomplished.

It is very clear he has continued this view towards everything in his life from that point forward. Having had a brief career as a sponsored skateboarder, Van at the age of 21 was running a skateboard camp for kids in the San Fernando Valley. As fate would have it this would take him down a path he would have never expected, A job opportunity into the world of creating adult content. A company owner whose 3 sons were enlisted in his camp saw Van’s amateur skateboarding videos and offered him the chance to direct.

Staying true to his roots and realizing what he had to offer this new world was far more visually stimulating then what was out there he once again chose the path of new experiences. Styles was quickly catapulted to the position of one of the industries youngest and most talented directors at the time with his fresh approach to a sometimes redundant market. Continuing his passion for creativity and growth he taught himself photography and video editing to add to his list of skills and hone his vision.

Showing the ability he had in his work, his talents began to expand into various campaigns outside of the adult world from working with Hip-Hop artist Murs on music videos to having skateboard deck collaborations of his photos with SK8MAFIA.

What makes Van Styles stand out despite what people may think of his background and introduction into photography he has proven that he is more then capable of photographing various subjects and settings and presenting them in a different light. Such is the case of taking well known adult actresses and capturing them in photos that show off his unique vision with streetwear  and fashion styles. These photos manage to showcase everything LA is famous and infamous for in one single frame.

Van keeps broadening his spectrum of work every time he picks up his camera capturing everything that appears in front of his lens and maintaining peoples interest along the way.